The Gorehounds were formed in Dublin in May 1984, mainly as an after  work  project, centred on Base x Records on Bachelors Walk where a number of the band members worked. The earliest line up was


Brian McGabhan – Vocals

Colm o’ Kelly – Guitar ex Revolver

Ray Harford – Bass ex Fast Skirts

Drums – Brian o’ Kelly ex Scatcat, Van Hool

Drums – Gerry o’ Boyle


The 2 Kellys were brothers and yes that’s 2 drummers !!!!McGabhan, Colm o’Kelly and Harford had previously played together in the Assembly (1982/83), along with Leslie Dowdal (later of In Tua Nua)

Harford soon left to be replaced by Alan Taafe.

They started rehearsing and 1st gig was in October 1984 in Tommy Dunnes supporting Those Handsome Devils. They were heavily influenced by the Cramps and the Pyschobilly scene of the time . Live favourites included the Way I Walk (Cramps) Sex Beat (Gun Club)and less predictably Ballroom Blitz (the Sweet) and Ruby (Kenny Rogers!)



Band continued to gig around Dublin , and gained  some column inches after an on stage fight at a gig at the Ivy Rooms. This lead to Alan leaving to be replaced by Journalist John Byrne. A demo tape was recorded  in July with Bintii (Danny Figgis ,ex Virgin Prunes, Princess Tinymeat) producing - tracks were Sex Beat, The Way I Walk,Ruby and the Drop Starts Here. First recordings saw light of day with Halloween Meat axe Murderers being included on Hotwire’s acclaimed Weird Weird World of Guru Weirdbrain compilation (August). Recording for this track was done at a 8 Track Studio off Capel Lane with Johnny Byrne producing - also recorded were Gimme,Gimme,Gimme, Ruby and Eyeball Soup The Way I Walk appears on the Live at the Underground Compilation , and a version of Ruby (Don’t Take Your Guns to Town) appears on the Moonstruck cassette compilation - this is the version from the Hotwire recordings.



In February 1986 Harford rejoins on bass. Gigging continues around Dublin (especially at the Underground). A second  demo tape is recorded in July with Paul Thomas producing. Also a 3rd demo is recorded , Eyeball Soup/Gimme gimme Gimme with John Byrne producing. There are high profile support gigs to the Membranes and the Pogues. Alan rejoins on bass , and in October recording of their first single is undertaken after a  deal is struck with London based Idol records for 3 singles and an LP (Colm plays bass in the Studio).

A side project House of Usher starts with Colm, Alan and Gerry (October) along with Colm Mcelwee of the Joyce Band



March 87 and Alan rejoins just in time for the April release of the Gores 1st single. A storming cover of Kenny Rogers Ruby is backed by two McGabhan compositions Gimme, Gimme, Gimme  and Eyeball Soup on their first Idol 12”. Gigs are played in London and there is a high profile Jesus and Mary Chain support slot. The Comet 3 compilation tape includes the Gores 10 Pairs of Shoes. Summer 87 sees the band in the studio. November 5th sees the release of their 2nd Idol 12”.  Cargo Cult is backed with Day My Love Turned Sour and 10 Pairs of Shoes, all written by Brian McGabhan and Colm o’Kelly. Production of both Idol 12” s is by Bintii.



Early 1988 saw Idol fold and the bands 3rd single release and LP shelved. Embryonic artwork had been done for Eyeball Soup, but the band had been moving towards Sinking Down . The band continue to gig proloifically.

Alan Taafe departs again (for France) and is replaced in June 1988 by Valerie McGlynn (ex The Lolitas, Berlin). ). The band head to the Paul Thomas Studios again in July and manage to record the General with Neil Sullivan at the helm.



Spring 1989 hearlds the announcement of the release of the bands debut LP on New York based Big Chief Records, though it is actually late in the year before Semtex hits the shelves. In addition to all the tracks on the previous two Idol 12”s , along with Sinking Down, the Drop Starts Here, the General and Hall of Imbeciles. All produced by Bintii.  In the meantime there have been a number of changes in the band with first , Brian o’Kelly leaving to be replaced by Dave White (ex Modus Vivendi) and then Gerry o’Boyle departs.



The band continue to play sporadic live dates. Another demo is recorded - this time at Albert's Studios in Belvedere Place with Pete Holadai (exRadiators producing) Tracks recorded were Give Me Confusion, Creepshow, Boogie Bones and King of the Dustbins.



The band play their last show in February in Kill , Co. Kildare supporting US hardcore band Quicksand. In December 1991 the band get together for a one off Aids benefit gig in Sir Henry's, Cork. The line up that night was Brian and Gerry on drums , Colm on guitar, Brian on mike and Dennis Rusk (Paranoid Visions, the Strougers) on bass.