The Gorehounds all had full time jobs , so live appearences were mainly confined to weekends.

Here is a non exhustive list of dates played - please help out with others.

xx/10/1984   Tommy Dunnes the Wet Gardai
09/05/1985   The Fight at the Ivy rooms, Dublin with with Bone Shakers, Baby Snakes, The Real Wild West
04/07/1985   Ivy rooms, Dublin with Bone Shakers
28/07/1985   ha'Penny Market, Dublin supporting the Golden Horde, Nikki Sudden & Thee Amazing Collosal Men
16/08/1985   CIE Hall, Dublin
22/08/1985   Underground, Dublin with Paranoid Visions
29/08/1985   Ivy Rooms, Dublin Megabash with Baby Snakes, Something Happens, Bone Shakers , & more
06/09/1985   SFX, Dublin supporting the Pogues
11/01/1986   Drogheda , Boxing Club
06/03/1986   Underground, Dublin with Sharkbait
xx/04/1986   Underground, Dublin Supporting the Membranes
15/08/1986   Underground, Dublin with A House
xx/09/1986   SFX, Dublin supporting the Pogues
12/09/1986   the Source, Dublin
05/11/1986   Underground, Dublin
08/11/1986   Underground, Dublin
13/02/1987   Underground, Dublin with 3 Ring Pyschosis
14/02/1987   Cashel, Kings Inn with Summerhouse and 3355409's
23/02/1987   Galway, Cloggs
05/03/1987   Galway, Kilcrea Hotel
16/03/1987   Underground, Dublin
28/03/1987   Mojo's , Cork
13/04/1987   Mean Fiddler, London Big Spud Launch
29/04/1987   the Source, Dublin with Princess Tinymeat and House of Usher
22/05/1987   Connolly Hall, Cork with Guernica, Bone Idol etc
08/06/1987   Galway, Warwick
12/06/1987   the Source, Dublin
19/06/1987   Waterford, the Bridge
27/06/1987   Underground, Dublin
29/06/1987   Mojo's , Cork
08/07/1987   Galway, Warwick
12/07/1987   the Source, Dublin
30/07/1987   Paddy Mc Cormacks, Edenderry Edenderry festival Week
22/08/1987   Kilkenny , Kytlers
04/09/1987   SFX, Dublin support to Jesus and Mary Chain
02/10/1987   the Source, Dublin
29/10/1987   Hawkins, Dublin Kevin St. College Halloween Ball
31/10/1987   Kilkenny (Hendersons)
04/11/1987   Mean Fiddler, London Irish rock Week

20/12/1987   McGonagles with at Gunpoint
16/01/1988   Kilkenny (Hendersons)

23/01/1988   Mojo's , Cork
29/01/1988   the Bridge, Waterford
02/02/1988   Heffernan's, Wexford
04/02/1988   Earl Grattan, Dublin
11/02/1988   Earl Grattan, Dublin
28/02/1988   Galway, Warwick
17/03/1988   Mc Gonagles Supporting the Happy Mondays and the Shamen
14/04/1988   Limerick, Costello's with Slowest Clock

30/04/1988   Kilkenny (Hendersons)
03/06/1988   Galway Supporting the Hard-Ons
04/06/1988   Strandhill, Sligo Supporting the Hard-Ons - Gig Cancelled - CLICK HERE
05/06/1988   McGonagles Supporting the Hard-Ons
24/06/1988   Wexford
28/10/1988   McGonagles
31/10/1988   Belvedere Hotel (Dublin?) with Foreman, the Slowest clock
02/11/1988   Sides
21/11/1988   McGonagles supporting Bad Manners (very wet night !!!)
21/01/1989   Kilkenny (Hendersons)
08/03/1989   McGonagles supporting New Model Army
17/05/1989   Baggot Inn
14/03/1990   Cork, Sir Henry's
17/03/1990   New Park Inn, Kilkenny
18/03/1990   McGonagles with Coletraines, Slowest Clock
xx/02/1991   Kill, Co. Kildare supporting US hardcore band Quicksand
xx/12/1991   Sir Henry's, Cork Aids Benefit - LAST GIG