The Gorehounds

12"      Big Spud EP (Idol 12ID1, UK 4.1987) prod:Binttii
A)     Ruby (Tillis) barely recognisable cover of the Kenny Rogers staple 
B)      B) Gimme Gimme Gimme / Eyeball Soup (C Kelly/McGabhan)
12"      Cargo Cult EP (Idol 12ID4, UK 12.1987)
A)     Cargo Cult (C Kelly/McGabhan)
B)      Day My Love Turned Sour (C Kelly/McGabhan)/
      Ten Pair of Shoes (C Kelly/McGabhan/Byrne)
LP & CD         Semtex (Big Chief BLS 1004, US 1989)
All produced by Bintii except the General (the Gorehounds)

Early versions of the LP come with poster (same as front) and there are versions with US press kit and publicity B/W photo         

A ) Ruby / Sinking Down / Eyeball Soup / The Drop Starts Here /
            The General 
B) Cargo Cult / The Day My Love Turned Sour / Hall of
            Imbeciles / Ten Pairs of Shoes / Gimme Gimme Gimme
LP         v/a - Weird Weird World of Guru Weirdbrain (Hotwire HWLP8505, IRL 1985)         
track: The Halloween Meat-Axe Murder
LP         v/a - Live at The Underground (Underground Records UG 1, IRL 1985) 
 track: The Way I Walk (Cramps)
  Cass      va/ - Moonstruck Christmas Cassette (Moonstruck MS 005, IRL 1986)     
track:   Don't Bring Your Guns To Town (earlier version of Ruby)
Cass      v/a - Comet Tape 3 (Comet COMTAPE 5, IRL 1988)
track: 10 Pairs of Shoes

The 2 Idol 12”s and the Semtex LP/CD are all readily available on Ebay/Netsounds/Gemm/Musicstack and the like – the Idol 12’s mainly from UK sellers , the Semtex LP/CD from US/Canada based sellers.

The CD would have all the tracks – single and album versions are the same.
You will find it a bit more difficult to dig up the compilations though !