The Gorehounds picked up the support slot on the Hard-Ons tour in June 1988.

"Friday (03/06/1988) in Galway went well enough or so we thought. When we arrived in Strandhill in Sligo the owner informed us he was cancelling the gig as he had received a phone call from a very irate hotel manager in Galway informing [him] of post gig rock n roll antics of ¨ Who like ¨ proportions - including ¨the flying telly routine¨ where the Hard-Ons had been staying."

By eight o clock a crowd of up to 300 had gathered outside only to be informed that there was to be noooo gig, and so it kicked off. Windows were smashed, the bissies were called and several cars were burned out. All this was reported in the Sligo Champion the following week.

The Sunday gig in McGonagles was well attended but the bass player in the Hard-Ons was kicked in the balls during a stage invasion!

The Hard-Ons grassed to their record label mates and as a result The Stupids cancelled their Irish tour.

Poster for Cancelled Gig

Sligo Champion Report